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Karen Price, Yoga instructor and director

Yoga with Karen Price at Yoga studio 8My relationship and deep affinity with all the practices of yoga has been ongoing for forty plus years. Different styles, paces, and depth of practice, have evolved during the cycles of my life, naturally influencing my teaching. This has offered me the ability to teach to a diverse population, offering modifications as needed, for twenty years. I encourage a safe practice through alignment cues and inviting students to honor their own bodies...always!

Tuesdays 4:00–5:30 P.M. Yoga Medley $20
Thursdays 10:00–11:30 A.M. Relax & Renew $20
Saturdays 9:00–10:30 A.M. Yoga Medley $20


Pass for Karen’s weekly classes (Register with Karen Price.)
5 classes: $85.00 Expires 2-months from date of purchase.
10 classes: $160.00 Expires 3-months from date of purchase.
20 classes: $300.00 Expires 3-months from date of purchase.


No one will be turned away for an inability to pay. Please bring your earnest desire to attend class to my attention and I will work with what you can do.


Gift certificates are available for Karen’s classes, can be purchased for any amount and have no expiration date. Contact Karen for details.


Contact Karen: 603-960-0944 •


Katie Comeau, Yoga instructor, TCTSY-F

Katie Comeau, instructor at Yoga studio 8Yoga for me is a deeply personal practice. It helps to keep me centered and strong on all levels. My style of teaching varies and adjusts to the students in front of me. A steady yoga practice is great for overall health and compliments most lifestyles. I completed my 200-hour training with Vida Vinyasa in 2016, although I have been teaching since 2012. This year, I became a Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator, through the Trauma Center in Brookline, MA. This style of yoga offers a safe space to explore forms and sensations for people who suffer from complex trauma or complex posttraumatic stress disorder. I look forward to sharing yoga with you.

Sundays 10:00–11:30 A.M. Easy Like Sunday Morning $15
Thursdays 6:00–7:15 P.M. Mindful Flow $15

Pass for Katie Comeau’s class, (register with Katie Comeau.)
5 classes: $65.00 Expires 3-months from purchase

Contact Katie Comeau: 603-801-6568 •

Joyce Palmer, Qigong instructor

Joyce Palmer, Qigong Instructor at Yoga Studio 8Qigong has been part of my life for the last 10 years, and I love it—both the practice and the teaching. Teaching qigong emerged as a path for me three years ago when, as the primary care giver for my parents, I personally experienced all its benefits—adaptability, stress relief, better sleep, greater patience, heightened sense of joy. I am very excited to be able to share this ancient but easy-to-learn practice for health and healing with you.

4:00–5:00 P.M. Qigong $15
5:30–6:30 P.M. Tao Yin Qigong $15

10:00–11:00 A.M. Qigong $15
11:30 A.M.–12:15
P.M. Qigong Easy $12*

Pass for Joyce's classes, (Register with Joyce Palmer.)
5 classes: $65.00 Expires 3-months from purchase

*Qigong Easy Pass:
5 classes: $55.00 Expires 3-months from purchase

Contact Joyce Palmer: 603-931-3615 •

Nancy Shilansky, Yoga instructor, sub

Yoga instructor, Karolyn KinaneGrace in action ~ accepting this moment as it is, not pretending to be other than who we truly are. Re-connecting with our Hearts and our Souls. Re-gaining the ability to embrace others in an open and honest manner. Exploring our strengths and honoring our beauty. These are the blessings that Yoga has given to me and it is my desire to share this in my practice with you.


If you are interested in more extensive information about the instructors qualifications, trainings, yoga experiences etc., please feel free to ask.

Studio Policies

Payment Options and MethodsDrop-in or pass payment is due before or at your first class. Cash or checks accepted. Please make checks payable to the instructor unless otherwise instructed.

Pass infoA pass may be purchased from the individual instructor before his or her class and is good for his or her classes. You may contact the individual instructor for more information.

Refund Policy for PassesRefunds or credit will be given for medical reasons only, less a $15.00 processing fee.

Release FormPlease allow a few extra minutes upon your first visit to fill out a Release Form or download here and bring it with you to your first class.

Canceled ClassesIf a class is canceled, we will make every effort to make that known in a timely manner.

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