Class Descriptions (alphabetically)

Easy Like Sunday Mornings with Katie Comeau

Ease into your Sunday with a laid back class suited for all levels. Using props and extended holds we release tension from our bodies and our minds. Allow yourself to slow down by practicing mindful breathing. Shift your focus inward and be in the present moment. Leave feeling relaxed and stress free. All Levels.

Get Hip! with Karen Price

Healthy hips are central to our well being. This class explores and opens the hips at a level that is suited to your body. Postures that balance the practice are peppered through out. While some hip openers may be intense in the moment, you will leave feeling better and... well... a little more hip! All Levels welcome.

Mellow Monday Flow with Katie Comeau

Breath work and warm-ups ease us into our body and calm the mind. As you unwind from your day we move through a variety of strengthening poses while exploring sun salutations and warrior dances. Proper alignment principles are given to receive the full benefit of this moderately paced practice. A restorative savasana is offered to fully absorb the practice. All Levels.

Private Instruction with Karen Price

Private instruction is offered to individuals, specialized groups, (i.e. friends, family, employees) and sports teams. Tailored to meet your needs, a private class provides the perfect setting to address the personal goals or interests of the group or individual. Maybe you are ready to deepen your practice, would like to have a girls night out, offer your employees stress reduction skills or loosen up and relax your sports team. The benefits of yoga are many. Please contact Karen for more information and to schedule a private session.

Relax and Renew with Karen Price

Through gentle movements (some with props, some without) the body is opened and stretched, releasing tension that causes stiffness and discomfort. Deepening our breath helps to quiet the mind and enhances relaxation, leaving us refreshed on every level. All Levels.

Yoga Medley with Karen Price

The majority of the benefits received from a physical yoga practice come from the most basic postures. This class offers a variety of modifications involving those postures, making them more accessible or more challenging. You choose the option that best accommodates your bodies needs. All levels.


Instructor may be substituted due to unforeseen circumstances.




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