Class Descriptions (alphabetically)

Easy Like Sunday Mornings with Katie Comeau

Ease into your Sunday with a laid back class suited for all levels. Using props and extended holds we release tension from our bodies and our minds. Allow yourself to slow down by practicing mindful breathing. Shift your focus inward and be in the present moment. Leave feeling relaxed and stress free. All Levels.

Friday Series: Yin Yoga with JenSitting at work all week or racing around making you want to hit the couch on Friday night? Come to Yin and sink into a relaxing, yet amazingly effective practice suitable for most levels, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Yin poses are held for a longer period of time 5-7 minutes, mostly seated, working deep in the body targeting deep connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body. Energetically, yin yoga improves the energy flow, enhancing the flow of chi in the organs. Balance out your week and join us for Yin! (Oct 5, Nov 9, Dec 21) Click here for full Friday Series schedule
Friday Series: Qigong with JoyceQigong routines that promote deep relaxation and renewed energy. Each class is different, and the exact sequence depends on who needs what...the focus is guided by who is in room. All routines include breathing practice, activating and releasing movements, moving stretches, and gentle flows. Often described as a meditation in motion, Qigong is an overall feel good experience. Less stress, more energy is the result—just what is needed for all those weekend plans! (Oct 12, Oct 26, Nov 16, Nov 30, Dec 14) Click here for full Friday Series schedule
Friday Series: Chakra Flow with JenChakras are energy centers of the body which relate to everything from our feelings of safety and security to our sexuality and creativity, inner drive, ability to give and receive unconditional love, speak our mind, follow our intuition, and connect with a force greater than ourselves. Chakra Inspired Flow yoga offers an effective framework for bringing these energy centers into balance to be more at peace and find liberation. Jen will offer specific yoga sequences that benefit the chakras in combination with, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises. It is a healing and fun practice! (Oct 19) Click here for full Friday Series schedule
Friday Series: All about YOU with KatieTry this choice-based yoga class...Your body, Your practice, You are in control! (Nov 2 and Dec 7) Click here for full Friday Series schedule

Power Flow Yoga with Jennifer Morris

A strength-building, energetic form of vinyasa flow yoga where students connect conscious breath, moving continuously and mindfully from one pose to the next cultivating balance, focus, and endurance.

Private Instruction with Karen Price

Private instruction is offered to individuals, specialized groups, (i.e. friends, family, employees) and sports teams. Tailored to meet your needs, a private class provides the perfect setting to address the personal goals or interests of the group or individual. Maybe you are ready to deepen your practice, would like to have a girls night out, offer your employees stress reduction skills or loosen up and relax your sports team. The benefits of yoga are many. Please contact Karen for more information and to schedule a private session.

Qigong with Joyce Palmer

Qigong has been used for health maintenance and illness prevention for over 4000 years. This time-honored practice is simple to learn and adaptable for all ages and levels of fitness. Classes integrate breath work, activating exercises, stretching, flowing movements, and postures into a moving meditation that calms the mind and energizes the body. This class is a standing practice so no props or mats are needed. Since the classes are not progressive and each one is different, drop-ins and newcomers are always welcome.

Refresh and Renew with Qigong, taught by Joyce PalmerNo doubt about it, aging is challenging. Our bodies don’t always work as they used to; there are more aches and pains; chronic conditions emerge; and recovery from even small injuries takes a long time. But we still want to be able to move around, have good energy, feel alive, and enjoy our activities. Qigong can help revitalize your body, mind and spirit, while healing from the inside out. Participants have the option to practice seated or standing or both as needed. Each session includes breathing exercises, energy activating moves, gentle stretching, and flow sequences No mats or props are needed, and no floor work is involved. Just come in comfortable clothing that allows for your fullest range of motion.

Relax and Renew with Karen Price

Through gentle movements (some with props, some without) the body is opened and stretched, releasing tension that causes stiffness and discomfort. Deepening our breath helps to quiet the mind and enhances relaxation, leaving us refreshed on every level. All Levels.

Rising Strong Healing Yoga with Jennifer Morris

Anyone on a cancer journey knows that getting back to a “new normal” as quickly as possible is important for well-being. Open to cancer survivors, thrivers and their supportive friends and family. The class will be adapted for all levels of energy and abilities. Join us as we explore a variety of poses, relieve tension, and leave class each week with a feeling of renewed energy. This class is meant to encourage survivors to trust their physical bodies, as they gather their strength and further their overall recovery.

All are welcome, regardless of ability to pay. Please contact Jen Morris if you would like to make payment arrangements. Email Jen at

Yoga Medley with Karen Price

The majority of the benefits received from a physical yoga practice come from the most basic postures. This class offers a variety of modifications involving those postures, making them more accessible or more challenging. You choose the option that best accommodates your bodies needs. All levels.


Instructor may be substituted due to unforeseen circumstances.




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